Ad-Hoc Weapons

An ad-hoc weapon is anything being used as a weapon that was not designed to be one. This includes using weapons in ways they are not intended to be used, such as hitting people with a rifle butt.

Ad-hoc weapons always count as 0d6+2 in an action rather than any dice score on the card. They also have both the Close Quarters and Open Melee keywords.

Regardless of the card's keywords, items used in an ad-hoc fashion return to the deck when played. Rotate or Persistent keywords are ignored.

Throwing for Ad-Hoc Items

Occasionally characters will try to throw something that is not designed for throwing, such as a half-brick or a gun. Because these are inherently inaccurate they have the Range (0) keyword.

Unless the action includes other range keywords, every square the object is thrown gives the target a 1d6 situation bonus. This means that throwing an ad-hoc item into an adjacent square has to beat at least a resistance of 1d6 to be on target.

Thrown ad-hoc weapons gain the Discard keyword.

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