Heroic [ Specify ]

The Heroic keyword signifies that an equipment card has been enhanced beyond it's normal capabilities. It inherits the Pool Stack [ Specify ] keyword for the specified card.

Adding the Heroic keyword increases the Character Point cost of the card equal to the card having a modifier one, two or three steps greater that its dice value. That is, a 1d6+1 card costing five points that is given a Heroic keyword worth two modifier steps costs ten points. The equivalent to a 1d6+3 card. The upgraded card does not increase the dice value of the card (e.g. it remains at 1d6+1) but for all Character Point purposes, it has increased. The cost of increasing the modifier or enhancing the card in future (i.e. raising it from 1d6+1 to 1d6+2) is calculated as if the card was at one, two or three modifiers greater. E.g. Raising the Heroic 1d6+1 card in the previous example to 1d6+2 costs four points as it equivalent to raising a 1d6+3 card to 1d6+4.

The additional Character Point cost is dependent on the nature of the specified card. A standard life or ability card increases the cost by one step. If the specified card has the Rotate keyword, it increases the card cost by two steps. All other cards including Persistent, Effect, Resistance, Opportunity and similar cards increase the cost by three steps.

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