Treasure Comes in Many Forms

In most role playing games one of the greatest joys of adventuring is the getting and dividing of treasure, whether it be gold, weapons, jewels or scrolls. In 6d6, treasure isn't handled quite the same because every item's value is based on the character points it has. A longsword in a normal fantasy game is of little value while its magical equivalent can have a much greater cost; in 6d6 a magical longsword is only a handful of character points more expensive.

Random Loot vs Character Points

Almost all treasure in most games is random; varied amounts of gold, unknown amounts of magical equipment that can be just what a player is looking for or something that is worthless to everyone at the table. 6d6 tries to remove that element of randomisation with being able to use character points.

Rather than gaining a random amount of gold or items from a treasure table, the game leader would hand out character points to be used on upgrading or buying equipment (working the same way as getting and improving life and ability advantages). As a result, a player can get that magical item or equipment change they want rather than relying on the results of a roll on a table.

Losing Equipment vs Replacement

In most role playing games, material items are readily gained and lost. Once something has been sold or destroyed it takes time and/or currency to get a new or equivalent replacement for it. Once again 6d6 changes this because of the way character points are spent.

Since points have been spent to make that item part of the character, losing an item permanently doesn't actually happen. Instead, it is assumed that once they are in a safe area (a town, village, city etc) they are able to either get a new item that is remarkably identical or get a replacement without spending anything - the item was bought with character points after all and as such it should not be lost so easily.

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