Schools of Magic

In a magical universe, who a society allows to use magic will have a large impact on the culture.

This is very much influenced by how the magic works. In a world where only those born with special powers, those lucky children may find themselves on the fast track to education and wealth. Alternatively, the children may be hunted down and killed as abominations.

In worlds where anyone can become magic user, the knowledge needed may be a closely guarded secret. Jealously protected by schools of wizards who use it to achieve power and prestige. Around these formal schools of magic, an alternative culture of magic would developed amongst those lacking formal training. A hacker culture developing their own ways of using magic and sharing the knowledge with anyone.

Where magic has a divine element, only those called to the priesthood would be able to wield magic. Outsiders using divine magic must be either prophets or heretics both of which can be dangerous paths.

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