A mob is a special form of opponent for the characters. It is a single entity made up of multiple individual creatures with a shared initiative card. The mob's dynamic pool size and flow is equal to the number of individual creatures currently in the mob.

Each creature in the mob is identical and represented by a single Life card. In the mob's initiative turn, each creature can use just one of the Mob's flow and it must be used either on the creature's Life card, it's own movement and other pseudo cards or on the mob's static cards.

A mob can have static cards that any member of the mob can use. These card's behave normally so a rotating card used by one creature cannot be used by another until it is rotated back.

Attacks against the mob are targeted at individual creatures but any creature in the mob can act as part of the resistance action. Damage from attacks is only applied to the creature(s) that was target by it and that specific Life card must be discarded and once discarded that creature is removed from the battle. Consequently one of damage is enough to kill (or render helpless) a mob member. Any excess damage does not carry over onto other creatures / Life cards.

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