Equipment Cards


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Armour & Shields

Certain types of armour do not have the static keyword, forcing the character to use a precious slot in the dynamic pool for the armour. Some armours also have penalties (e.g. -Awareness) that hinder the players. Both of these measures are there to balance out the heavier types of armour because as a persistent card, a good suit of armour can provide a significant advantage to those wearing it. Without some penalties, there was no reason for a character not to take the most powerful type of armour they could afford.

The historical accuracy of these penalties has been the subject of a lot of debate among certain of our well-read play-testers. As we are creating a game, we decided to focus on making the game fun rather than a realistic simulation. Groups should feel free to tweak the armour cards as they see fit if they prefer a more (or less) historically accurate game.

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