Fate, Destiny and Mud

There are two different kinds of fantasy setting - High Fantasy, and Dark Fantasy. While there are some similarities between them, the tone and style behind playing the characters in those worlds vary significantly.

High Fantasy

These settings usually have two fairly distinct sides across the world - the good guys and the bad guys. Most races, cultures and civilisations in these settings belong to one of these sides. The characters are generally on the side of good, starting off as adventurers on a quest that inevitably leads towards a major encounter with the antagonist of the enemy. The heroes almost always get away alive, the bad guys die, and the good guys live happily ever after for the most part.

Much of the adventuring of the heroes involves doing good deeds through saving lives, defeating monsters, helping the weak and upholding the highest standards of morality and justice. As the world has obvious good and evil within it, certain story elements including politics and treachery do not occur as often or are simplified.

Dark Fantasy

This is not the opposite of High Fantasy, but it has one major difference with it. Realism. Rather than the lines between good and evil being obvious for all to see, it is a myriad of "grey areas". There are no evil or good people, because everyone in the world is capable of cruelty and violence regardless of what kind of morals they have.

The heroes of a Dark Fantasy setting tend to have more common roots in society and end up dealing with all aspects of a world with elements of politics, stealth, war and treachery becoming much more prevalent.

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