Creating Characters

All players have 70 Character Points to create their characters with. These points are spent in a specific order; their race, childhood, occupation and finishing with their equipment & final touches.

Choose a Race

As with most fantasy games, there are a variety of races to choose from beside humans. Each race is represented by a Path Advantage. These advantages have the Life and Ability cards commonly associated with the race - such as Elves being graceful and quick creatures, Dwarves being tough and strong etc.

Once you have decided on your race, select two advantages from that Path to purchase for the character. At this point, 12 of the character point total has been used.

Choose a Childhood

The childhood represents what they did as they were growing up into their teenage years, what kind of lifestyle influenced them as well as what kinds of skills and traits they have developed.

This step is nearly identical to the previous step, except that this time three advantages are chosen from the path. 16 character points are spent at this point, bringing the total used to 28.

Choose an Occupation

Once a child reaches the age of apprenticeship they are generally taken in by a peer, an artisan, the army - anyone that can mould and shape them into an adult with skills useful in the real world. They may become squires of knights, acolytes of divine clerics, apprentices of magicians or chosen to take up banditry.

This is once more similar to the other two steps, with four advantages taken from the path. With this expenditure of 20 character points, a total of 48 have been spent to create the character based solely on their experience from childhood to the end of their apprenticeship or training.

Final Touches

What does the character do once they have finished their training with their master, their mentor, their family? They put it to good use, adventure, buy some equipment, pick up new skills and endure more training to improve their abilities. This step involves using the last of the 22 character points to add the finishing touches.

The remaining points can be spent to purchase new Paths to explore, to purchase new Life and Ability advantages to add more variety & improve those that have already been purchased and buy equipment. Once the 22 points have been spent the character is complete for their first adventure into the world.

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