Advice for Players of Other Fantasy Games

6d6 Magic joins a long line of fantasy role playing games that can trace their roots back to the original Dungeons & Dragons published in 1974. Over the years certain ideas or tropes have established and that experienced players of games expect to see. 6d6 may require these players to recalibrate their expectations in a few areas.

The two places this is most notable is in treasure and magic.

The 'kill & loot' approach to adventuring is much reduced in 6d6 Magic. Monsters still need to be killed and they may have some treasure worth taking but it is a lot less important than in other games. Characters do not need money to buy equipment and rather than pick-up the magical sword of a vanquished foe, the character's own equipment gains powers over time. Sir Valkan doesn't just have any sword in his hand, he has Sir Valkan's Sword of Might! A sword almost as famous as the man himself.

Unlike some games, magic is only loosely defined. Magical spells do not come with long descriptions of what they can do and how they interact with other magical spells. They have short, often single sentence summaries plus a few keywords that control how the cards are used. Questions about how the magic works and interacts are left to the group to resolve. Creating the group's vision of how magic and the world around it works is as much part of the game as slaying dragons.

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