Narrative Versus Mechanics

There are two aspects of role playing games, the story element which is driven by the players' imagination, and the game rules which cover how the players decide what happens, e.g. does the hero hit the monster? In the 6d6 RPG we refer to these as the narrative and the mechanics. Most of the time, playing the 6d6 RPG the two aspects sit happily together but occasionally they run into conflict. Either the player wants to do something that goes against a rule or they use a rule which ignores the narrative. How a group of players resolve these conflict is at the heart of the 6d6 RPG.

The quintessential conflict between the narrative and the mechanic is in the advantages a player chooses for an action. There are few rules about which advantages can or cannot be used together but there are some. There is nothing in the rules stopping a player using their Pistol Expertise with their Distinctive Looks to program a computer. The only thing stopping this is narrative common sense.

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