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 +==== Fun & Fairness ====
 +Carefully adding up all the factors involved in an action in a realistic fashion can quickly make tasks impossible but the Game Leader'​s job is not to produce a realistic model of the universe. Instead the Game Leader should always be asking themselves about how to make the game more enjoyable to play and adjusting the resistance accordingly.
 +This does not mean the Game Leader should makes things easy for players. Overcoming challenges is a key aspect of having fun and generates feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment. At times, adding dice to the resistance will make for a more enjoyable time for everyone. ​
 +The fairness of a situation is also a major consideration. Players who think ahead and characters who are well-suited to a task should find actions easier that those who act without forethought or lack the appropriate advantages. ​
 +Setting the resistance dice is an art not a science and can generally only be learnt by playing the game. Ultimately there is no right answer to how hard a task should ​ be because it comes down to whatever is best for your game and your players.
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