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 Except for the limitations on when certain action types can be performed and the types of advantages used, the type of action has no impact in determining the action'​s outcome. ​ Except for the limitations on when certain action types can be performed and the types of advantages used, the type of action has no impact in determining the action'​s outcome. ​
-=== Action Effects === 
-Successful actions change things. They have effects which can be anything the Game Leader and their group want them to be. They can change a living dragon into a dead dragon, an enemy into a friend or a fatal fall into a spectacular rescue. These can be classified into two broad categories: <apdx ref="​open:​mechanics:​rulecards:​ingameeffect">​in-game effects</​apdx>​ and <apdx ref="​open:​mechanics:​rulecards:​metaeffect">​meta-effects</​apdx>​. 
-== In-Game Effects == 
-In-game effects change the world shared in the imagination of players. The professor discovering an important clue in some dusty tomes changes the players'​ understanding of the mystery they face. With in-game effects, the only difference is in the player'​s minds. 
-== Meta-Effects == 
-Meta-effects change the something about the game itself and normally require a player to alter their character sheet or the Game Leader to make notes. These changes may limit or expand what the characters can do in future actions. The most obvious example of a meta-effect is a character taking <apdx ref="​open:​mechanics:​rulecards:​lifedamage">​damage</​apdx>​. The player makes a change to their character sheets to discard <apdx ref="​open:​mechanics:​rulecards:​27564">​Life advantages</​apdx>​ and this has an impact on future actions. 
-Other types of meta-effects include <apdx ref="​open:​mechanics:​rulecards:​recoveryeffect">​recovery</​apdx>​ which heals damage to the character; <apdx ref="​open:​mechanics:​rulecards:​statuseffect">​status effects</​apdx>​ which apply temporary advantages to characters and are not always beneficial; and <apdx ref="​open:​mechanics:​rulecards:​controleffect">​control effects</​apdx>​ that allow characters to take control of other characters or complex machinery. The different types of meta-effects have impact on the game and can increase the difficulty of an action. Before a character takes an action it should always be clear what (if any) type of meta-effect they are attempting. Often this is obvious but Game Leader should check, especially with new players who are not fully aware of the rules. 
-The difference between the types of effects can be nebulous and actions can have both in-game effects and meta-effects. The distinction between the two effects is often unimportant and will pass unnoticed by many people playing the game. However, when players are trying to do something unusual, the distinction helps to clarifies how the action should be resolved.  ​ 
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