Character Creation

Character creation uses character paths found in the Generic / Modern setting and other 6d6 RPG books.

Step 1 - Character Concept

All characters start with a motif or distinguishing feature. Maybe it's a particular weapon they use, how they look or speak, their ethical code (or lack of it) or a personality trait such being pious or affable. This is the starting point of the character and everything else should fit with this idea.

The motif needs fleshing out with details about the character and their back-story. These need to fit with the character's archetype but most archetypes are flexible and will work with any character background or personality. Each detail is a nugget of information providing role playing opportunities and helps all the players visualise the character. They do not add to any dice rolls and players are largely free to choose what they want but some details may have consequences. Picking a race that is discriminated against or is just rarely seen will affect how others react to them. Gender may also make a difference and even simple details such height & weight can have unforeseen consequences.

Players should seek to answer some of the following details about the character and write them down on the character sheet. The answers are not set in stone and may change as the character concept becomes more refined.

  • Name
  • Age
  • Physical appearance
    • Race / Skin colour
    • Height & weight
    • Hair colour & style
  • Where they live
  • Where they grew up
  • Their family
  • Their occupation
Step 2 - Select Three Paths

Examine the list of paths (purple advantages) for the setting and pick three. Write these down in the first column of the character sheet. Also note down that these advantages are static advantages by writing Static or a large S next to the dice value.

Step 3 - Pick Life

From each path, select one life advantage (green). Write the life advantages in the second column of the character sheet. Make note of each advantage's name, its keywords and any pertinent details from the advantage's description. If the advantage is static, note this down as well.

Step 4 - Pick Abilities

From each path select two abilities advantages (blue). Write these in the third column of the character sheet.

Step 5 - Extra Life, Equipment and or Abilities

Pick one extra life advantage (green) from any of the chosen paths.

Also pick either two ability advantages from any of the chosen paths; one ability and one equipment advantage; or two equipment advantages. Equipment can be selected from the list in the setting or, in discussion with the Game Leader, may be something unique.

Step 6 - Add Dice Values

By this step characters will have 15 advantages: three character paths (purple), four life advantages (green), between six and eight ability advantages (blue) and between zero and two character equipment advantages (yellow). All these will be at worth at least 1d6+0 when used in actions but some advantages may be worth more.

Pick two advantages and write 1d6+2 as the dice value with a CP value of seven. Then pick four advantages and give them dice values of 1d6+1 and a CP of five. The remaining nine advantages will be 1d6+0 with a CP of four.

Hint: Advantages which are likely to be used often are good candidates for higher dice values.

Step 7 - Mundane Equipment

Players should make a note of any significant mundane equipment they have at the start of the game, checking with the Game Leader that they are acceptable. Obvious things like clothes do not need to be written down, as a character is always assumed to have everyday, commonsense items.

Step 8 - Finishing Off

On the character sheet, there are a few more details to be filled in. These are the same for all characters created using the quick-start process:

  • Dynamic Potential: 4
  • Static Potential: 2
  • Recoup: 2
  • MCP: 9
  • CP: 70
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