Intermediate Guide to Playing the 6d6 RPG

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Character Points

4 Points represents 1d+0, 5 Points for 1d+1, 7 Points for 1d+2 and so on.

Mechanic Cards

  • Character
  • Initiative
  • Discard Pile

Mechanic Cards are specific cards that every character deck has; these cards are the Character Card, the Initiative Card and the Discard Pile Card. The Character Card shows the Dynamic Pool and Flow of a character (explained later) as well as having the characters name and usually a little bit of background. The Initiative Card is used for combat scenes and in scenes where knowing who is going first can change the outcome of a situation. The Discard Pile Card is used when your character has taken injuries, or when you have discarded items that have ran out of uses (such as expended ammo).

Flow & Pool

Straightening Rotate Cards

Dropping Cards

taking a card out of your Dynamic Pool costs nothing (after all, it takes very little effort to stop thinking about something, but requires more effort to rethink or plan).

Doing Nothing

Five Foot Step

3 – a “five foot step” where you move only 1 square on purpose, but you can add the 1d6 of Flow Movement into an Action where the momentum of movement could benefit your action (such as adding momentum into a sword swing into an enemy, for example)

Opportunity Actions

Opportunity Cascade

Flow Actions

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