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 <monster name="​Yale"> ​ <monster name="​Yale"> ​
-<​property name="​summary">​An animal resembling a cross between a bull and an antelope found all over Africa and occasionally in Persia. ​ ​It ​stands as tall as a man and runs as fast as a horse and has tusks in its mouth like a boarbut travelers ​should ​beware ​its horns. ​ These are as long as a man's arm and swivel ​in its head allowing ​it to fight and duel.  When threatened a yale will point one horn forward to attack and one backward to protect its flank.  ​They are grazing animals but territorial.</​property>​+<​property name="​summary">​An animal resembling a cross between a bull and an antelope ​which is found all over Africa and occasionally in Persia. ​They are a grazing animal but territorial in nature. Adult yales stands as tall as a human, run as fast as a horse and have tusks in its mouth like a boar but travellers ​should ​be most wary of its horns. These are as long as a man's arm and swivelallowing ​the creature ​to fight and duel with them. When threatened a yale will point one horn forward to attack and one backward to protect its flank. ​ </​property>​
 <​property name="​Dynamic">​4</​property>​ <​property name="​Dynamic">​4</​property>​
 <​property name="​Static">​3</​property>​ <​property name="​Static">​3</​property>​
-<​property name="​Free Resist">​2 [ Wpn Exp Horns ], Tough Hide ]</​property>​+<​property name="​Free Resist">​2 [ Wpn Exp. (Horns), Tough Hide ]</​property>​
 <​property name="​Recoup">​3</​property>​ <​property name="​Recoup">​3</​property>​
Line 30: Line 30:
 <​property name="​dice">​1d6+6</​property>​ <​property name="​dice">​1d6+6</​property>​
 <​property name="​characterpoints">​25</​property>​ <​property name="​characterpoints">​25</​property>​
-<​card ​ ref=":​open:​cards:​generic:​quickwits"​ > 
-<​property name="​dice">​1d6+2</​property>​ 
-<​property name="​characterpoints">​7</​property>​ 
 </​card>​ </​card>​
 <​card ​ ref=":​open:​monstercards:​generic:​stubborn"​ > <​card ​ ref=":​open:​monstercards:​generic:​stubborn"​ >
Line 49: Line 45:
 <​card ​ ref=":​open:​cards:​generic:​alert"​ > <​card ​ ref=":​open:​cards:​generic:​alert"​ >
-<​property name="​dice">​1d6+0</​property>​ +<​property name="​dice">​1d6+3</​property>​ 
-<​property name="​characterpoints">​4</​property>​ +<​property name="​characterpoints">​10</​property>​
-</​card>​ +
-<​card ​ ref=":​open:​cards:​generic:​block"​ > +
-<​property name="​dice">​1d6+0</​property>​ +
-<​property name="​characterpoints">​4</​property>​+
 </​card>​ </​card>​
 <​card ​ ref=":​open:​monstercards:​generic:​reach"​ > <​card ​ ref=":​open:​monstercards:​generic:​reach"​ >
-<​property name="​dice">​1d6+0</​property>​ +<​property name="​dice">​1d6+1</​property>​ 
-<​property name="​characterpoints">​4</​property>​+<​property name="​characterpoints">​5</​property>​
 </​card>​ </​card>​
 <​card ​ ref=":​open:​monstercards:​generic:​reflexattack"​ > <​card ​ ref=":​open:​monstercards:​generic:​reflexattack"​ >
Line 69: Line 61:
 </​card>​ </​card>​
 <​card ​ ref=":​open:​cards:​6d6hellenic:​weaponexpertisespecify"​ > <​card ​ ref=":​open:​cards:​6d6hellenic:​weaponexpertisespecify"​ >
-<​property name="​title">​Weapon Expert ​[Horns]</​property>​+<​property name="​title">​Wpn Exp. [Horns]</​property>​
 <​property name="​dice">​1d6+4</​property>​ <​property name="​dice">​1d6+4</​property>​
 <​property name="​characterpoints">​14</​property>​ <​property name="​characterpoints">​14</​property>​
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