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 <monster name="​Indian Ant (Guard)"> ​ <monster name="​Indian Ant (Guard)"> ​
-<​property name="​summary">​ Giant ants the size of dogs found in large sandy locations. ​ They live in colonies amongst ​rich gold fields so the sand they dig for their nests is full of gold nuggets. ​ Human raiders ​ride on fast camels into the desert ​to find the nests and grab the metals that ants dig up as they burrow.  Should a raider stay too longthe ants will catch their sent and aggressively defend their nest.  Any not fast enough to flee are dragged into the nest and never seen again.</​property>​+<​property name="​summary">​Giant ants the size of dogs found in areas rich with gold and their nests are full of gold nuggets. Human raiders ​try to find the nests and grab the metals that ants unearth with their burrowing.  Should a raider stay too long the ants will catch their scent and aggressively defend their nest.</​property>​
 <​property name="​Dynamic">​3</​property>​ <​property name="​Dynamic">​3</​property>​
 <​property name="​Static">​2</​property>​ <​property name="​Static">​2</​property>​
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 </​card>​ </​card>​
 <​card ​ ref=":​open:​monsterpaths:​generic:​burrowing"​ > <​card ​ ref=":​open:​monsterpaths:​generic:​burrowing"​ >
-<​property name="​dice">​1d6+0</​property>​ +<​property name="​dice">​1d6+2</​property>​ 
-<​property name="​characterpoints">​4</​property>​+<​property name="​characterpoints">​7</​property>​
 </​card>​ </​card>​
 <​card ​ ref=":​open:​monsterpaths:​generic:​huge"​ > <​card ​ ref=":​open:​monsterpaths:​generic:​huge"​ >
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