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 +====== 6d6 Ultra-Lite ======
 +Featherlight fun.
 +A light and fast rules system ideal for story- and character-centred games.
 +Ultra-lite ignores most of the mechanics of the core 6d6 RPG and focuses on the narrative aspects of the game. This system is unsuitable for complex or tactical combat games but works well with free-form, narrative approaches to role-playing. ​
 +==== ====
 +  * Free
 +  * About the Author: [[member:​profiles:​tregenza|Chris Tregenza]]
 +==  You May Also Like  ==
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 +|  {{:​closed:​shootouts:​wildwestcover-colour-small.png?​nolink|}} ​ |  [[:​closed:​shootouts:​start|6d6 Shootouts]],​ also by the same author. ​ |
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