(We Don't Need No)

Badges allow members to celebrate their 6d6 related achievements and decorate their profile pages.

Because this is 6d6, we don't demand to earn points to gain badges or apply all manner of rules about who can have what badges. Our achievement system is run on an honour system. Simply grab the badges that apply to you and stick them on your profile page, or elsewhere if you want.

Played / Game Leader Badges

Use the covers of each module and setting to show which games you have been in.

6d6 Bots

6d6 Hellenic

Rebel Flesh

Quantum Flux

Savage Island

Mince Pies & Murder

6d6 Shootouts:WILD WEST

6d6 Activity

Badges celebrating activity that helps build 6d6.

Other Badges

Miscellaneous badges for 6d6 related activity.

Fucking Squirrel

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