Real Name: Chris Tregenza

Bragging Rights: Founded 6d6


Twitter: @6d6Fireball

Google Plus: Chris Tregenza


First RPG Owned: Traveller (the 'Free Trader Beowulf' set)

Biggest, Total Fan-Boy, RPG Obsession: Aftermath! (only game where I've literally worn out a copy though use and brought a new copy)

Biggest RPG Hatred: Role-Master (fucking critical tables)

Editions of D&D Owned: Original D&D (never played); 1st Ed AD&D (played incessantly); 2nd Ed AD&D (barely played); 3.5 Ed (played quite a bit); 4th Ed (played one module)

Surprising RPG Fact: I've never owned a White Wolf product.

Currently Playing: Pathfinder and Call of Cthulhu

Current Projects

Completed Projects

Stuff That Isn't Gaming

Lives In: Beeston, Nottingham, UK

Work: 6d6 (but before that I spent 20 years working for and running small IT firms).

Cats: Two,

Most Likely To Say: That took longer than expected


Fucking Squirrel


Quantum Flux

Savage Island

Mince Pies & Murder


6d6 Shootouts:WILD WEST

6d6 Bots


Chris Edwards , 2015/02/25 04:35

It would be really nice to see a form-fillable pdf of the character sheet :)

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The 6d6 RPG tabletop store is owned and operated by Chris Tregenza. Who also owns and runs Myomancy, a site about ADD / ADHD medication, Autism and Dyslexia Treatments and also site called Poosk. Chris also provides copy-writing, web design SEO advice to sites like Dingles' Games pathfinder rpg resources.