Real Name: Mark Foster

Imaginary Name: Mark + iFoster

Google Plus:



First RPG Owned: Pathfinder

Biggest RPG Hatred: Grapple rules.

Editions of D&D Owned: Not D&D, but Pathfinder.

Surprising RPG Fact: I repeatedly find myself having a sound tactical reason to destroy a religious building.

Currently Playing: Pathfinder, Star Wars D20, Aberrant, Hunter (new WoD), Maelstrom (LARP). On the PC front: Hostile Waters and Oblivion (on-and-off).

Also Enjoy: Chez Geek, Munchkin, Game of Thrones

Current Projects

Stuff That Isn't Gaming

Lives In: Southampton

Work: Industrial physicist

Cats: No.

Snakes: In the past.

Most Likely To Say: Relatively little. "It is better to keep your mouth shut and have everyone suspect you are an idiot than open it and prove you are beyond all reasonable doubt" - Mark Twain (roughly).


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"Mince Pies and Murder" demonstration at IndieCon 2011

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