Real Name: Kieran Kowalski

Bragging Rights: 6d6 Writer, shooting trophies


Twitter: TBA

Google Plus: TBA

Facebook: TBA


First RPG Owned: Hunter: The Reckoning

Biggest, Total Fan-Boy, RPG Obsession: Star Wars

Biggest RPG Dislike: Vampire: The Redemption

Editions of D&D Owned: None

Surprising RPG Fact: Whenever I say "We're Doomed, we're all gonna die" we rarely do!

Currently Playing: Mutants and Masterminds 2nd edition, Call of Cthulu, Mage the Awakening

Also Enjoy: Reading, writing, Playing video games, cycling, jogging, my pets

Current Projects



Completed Projects

Quantum Flux

Stuff That Isn't Gaming

Lives In: Heanor, Derbyshire, outside some nice, quiet, obviously zombieless woods.

Work: 6d6; personal writing projects.

Pets: Six. Three ferrets, two dogs and a cat

Most Likely To Say: It'll be fine.


Fucking Squirrel


Quantum Flux

Savage Island


6d6 Bots

6d6 Shootouts:WILD WEST

Savage Island

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