6d6 Assets


6d6 RPG Store

Original 6d6 Fireball site, mostly a neglected blog

6d6 Online - The heart of our business. A wiki for collaboration and producing the games. It is in need of beautification and a major facelift is planned before the kickstarter.


Things that have shipped.

Mince Pies & Murder - Standalone game using 6d6 Ultra-Lite (The Aristocrat)

6d6 Core - Full RPG rule set. (6d6 Core)

6d6 Shootouts - Standalone card game based on the RPG combat system (6d6 Shootouts:WILD WEST)

Outbreak One-shot zombie horror adventure (Outbreak!)

Quantum Flux One-shot Sci-fi adventure (Quantum Flux)

Cybernetics supplement (open:mechanics:cybernetics:start)

Work In Progress

Projects that are approaching completion.

6d6 Bots Quirky SF 6d6 RPG setting where you play robots (6d6 Bots) - 80% complete

6d6 Hellenic A 6d6 RPG setting for ancient Greece (6d6 Hellenic) - 60% complete

6d6 Magic, a generic fantasy setting for 6d6 RPG (Copyright & Credits) - 50% complete

Savage Island Our original 6d6 RPG demo game for 6d6 Magic. It is fully written, just needs a bit of artwork and editing.

Demo Games and Experiments

Meadling Kids on Bad Acid Silly demo game using 6d6 Ultra-Lite that can might get us sued.

Failing Inn Small 6d6 Magic adventure, 80% complete.

Dungeon of the Demon Strata 6d6 Magic adventure. Demo version completely written but should be enlarged by about 30%. Excellent artwork already in place.

Citadel of Evil Old-school style adventure.

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