The Open area is the heart of the wiki. Everything in this section is open for all to read and any member to edit. This includes the 6d6 Core rule set and all the cards that make up the game.

Anything in this area can be read by anyone and edited by members. It is the place to share your own creations.

The One-Shots range are standalone adventures the have pre-generated characters and use freely available rule sets. Ideal for filling the gaps in your regular game schedule or for conventions. We often use these adventures as demonstration games and they are ideal as introductions to the 6d6 System.

The nuts and bolts of how the 6d6 system works can be found in the Mechanics section. It includes the full 6d6 Core rule set, 6d6 Ultra-Lite and assorted other rule related bits and pieces.

The 6d6 RPG's card-based mechanic that allows Game Leaders ultimate flexibility in the style and theme of their campaign. All the existing cards can be found in the Cards section. Members can add and edit their own cards.

Work in Progress

Creating Cards - How to create a card

Generating PDFs - How to create a PDF using 6d6 Online

Printing Your Cards - How to format cards for a PDF

Style Guide

CSS / HTML Hacks

Printing & Playing

Custom Markup - Reference to the markup used to create cards, decks, settings and PDF (mark 2).

Sidebars - Customise your links.

All work in the Open section is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.

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