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Androbulos launches a horrible itching curse at the thief Melegros using his Arcana, Curse, Sorcerer and Willpower advantages. Melegros uses his Divine Aura, Spear and Brawn to resist the curse. Androbulos rolls a 14, beating Melegros' nine, and the curse is successful. The degree of success is 5, so the curse has a CP of 5 and a dice value of 1d6+1. Unless Melegros removes the curse, his actions will be hampered by the 1d6+1 of distracting itches.

Marpessa wants to punish the people of a village who have forsaken her patron god by inflicting nightmares on them. That evening she sneaks down to the edge of the village and uses her Curse, Discipline, Focus, Champion of Aphrodite and Invokation advantages for an action worth 5d6+3. Because the Invokation advantage has the Time (Session) keyword it takes her an entire evening to cast the curse. Normally she would not be able to cast a curse targeting the whole village without massive situation bonuses resisting her, but the Invokation advantage allows her to ignore this. The Game Leader rules that to be an effective punishment the night terrors must last all night. In game terms this is a session, which is longer than the scene a curse normally lasts, so the resistance increases by 2d6+0. Everyone in the village is a 1d6+0 mook (adding 1d6+0 to the resistance) and the Game Leader decides to roll once for the entire settlement. The Game Leader also adds 1d6+0 for the difficulty of such subtle magics, giving a total resistance of 4d6+0. With a roll of 23 Marpessa beats the resistance of 10. Everyone in the village is terrorised by CP 13 / 1d6+3 nightmares. This is enough to give most of the 1d6+0 mooks the worst night's sleep of their lives. In the morning the villagers begin building a new shrine to Aphrodite.


Phanias knows that he is about to go into a dangerous ice cave. Unused to the cold, he casts a ward on himself using Focus, Sorcerer and Ward for 3d6+3. Suspecting the cave is very deep, he extends the duration of the ward from a scene to a session which adds 2d6+0 to the resistance. Obviously Phanias is not resisting the ward himself and there are no situation bonuses for range or area so the total resistance is 2d6+0. The Game Leader only rolled four on the two dice but Phanias scored 11 on his. This is a degree of success of 7. He now has a Resist Cold advantage worth 1d6+2 which will last for the next few hours.

Rhodope does not want anyone passing through the door to the guest quarters where she and her daughter will be sleeping that night. She casts a ward on the doorway with her Cunning, Champion of Hecate, Magic (Realm) and Sorcerer advantages. The door is the size of a normal human and there is no range so there is no resistance except for the 2d6+0 for extending the duration to the entire night (a session). Rolling 16 against 6, the ward is worth CP 10 / 1d6+3. Now anyone trying to open the door (including Rhodope) will find it is jammed and it needs an action to overcome the 1d6+3 of warding.


Parthenope wants to subtly remove a guard who is in her way. Using her Herbology, some herbs and her Natural Philosophy she creates a potion that will give the guard hideous stomach cramps, the Pained hazard. Rolling 3d6+1 she gets a 12 CP potion. Drunkenly staggering up to the guard, waving a bottle, she attempts to trick the guard into accepting a drink. The guard's 1d6+0 is no match for Parthenope's Bluff and he is tricked into drinking. Moments later the guard is doubled over in agony as the CP 12 / 1d6+3 hazard takes effect. Parthenope steps past the guard and heads into the temple.

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