Mad God of Light

Father of Helios and Selene

Titan god of light

Imprisoned in Tartarus

Hyperion, Titan god of light, loved to enjoy the hot Greek sunshine during the day and admire the moonlight at night. His children with Theia became the Sun god Helios and Moon goddess Selene. During the Titanomachy he stayed loyal to his brother Cronus and fought by his side. His children refused to take sides, though Helios sunlight became a weapon as Hyperion used his mirrored shield to dazzle enemies, leaving them vulnerable to Cronus' sickle.


After the final battle Hyperion was captured with the other Titans, and has not coped well with imprisonment. He lost the realm of light to Apollo, and the deep darkness of Tartarus deprives him of the Sun's warmth and the light of the Moon. He is cold down to his to soul and cannot stop shivering.

Hyperion has become obsessed with the idea that he must defeat Apollo to reclaim his realm. With his full power restored he will grasp the Sun itself and become warm once again. His deep yearning for light and warmth has made Hyperion unpredictable and desperate; he is an addict in need of a fix. His madness drives him, making him unstable, but he is still powerful and able to work with others. He is part of Cronus’ faction of Titans and they work together towards freedom.

Power, Appearance and Agents

Hyperion’s realm was that of light and his symbol is the mirror. Before his imprisonment Hyperion appeared naked but now he has many layers of ragged cloth over his shivering body. His once bronzed skin is pale and sickly, his hair unkempt and dirty. This changed appearance fills the mind of this vain god with self-loathing.

Addicts and desperate people from the edges of society and civilisation become his agents. He promises them great things and a release from their cravings in return for their service. They are as unstable and irrational as their patron but also dangerous. Hyperion's instructions are not always sane and he believes his agents are powerless without light. Plans are contrived so there is always plenty of light when they act, either from the sun, a full moon on clear night or the light of a large fire.

Hyperion’s cult is fragmented and disjointed but dedicated. Greek society is hard on those it rejects, instilling a deep anger in those who do not meet its ideals. The cult's worship of Hyperion as the true god of light over Apollo drives away casual worshippers who fear Apollo’s wrath. Cultists can be identified by the layers of warm fur they wear at all times, regardless of the weather. Its distinctive roofless temples are designed to let in the sun and moon.

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