Prophecy from the Stars

Former god of constellations

Master of long, slow prophecies

Exiled to the African Deserts

The Titan god of Constellations has prophetic powers but only over the long term. He cannot prophesy the actions of one man but foresees what Greece will do in a century's time. Crius' long view makes him detached from current events. To him, the present day is simply how the inevitable future takes place and not how the future is decided. He dismissed the Titanomachy as a pointless war with victory for the Olympians as inevitable. The other Titans were infuriated by this fatalistic view and the smug demeanour with which he delivered it.

Crius sees the transfer of power down the generations as inevitable. Whenever one of his frustrated siblings confronts him over his inaction, he simply says "It doesn't matter that the captain of the ship has changed, the ship is the same and the same storms will still come, I alone know this".


Cronus lost patience with Crius and exiled him to the Libyan desert during the Titanomachy. He remains there and Zeus considers him to be no threat, even a little mad. Crius doesn't care as he can still see the sky. He was stripped of his realm when exiled but he can still read prophecies in the stars.

His long-term view gives him no desire to force his way back into Greece and he doesn't care that Zeus is in power. He isn't even waiting for the next generation of gods to take power. He awaits the fall of Greece to a foreign power in which he has been cultivating influence. A few hundred years will see his plans bear fruit.

Power, Appearance and Agents

Crius' realms were the constellations and his symbols are the ram and a star. He appears as a young man who is carelessly dressed and ungroomed. In temperament he seems very detached, never speaks directly on a topic and is bored by details.

No agents claiming to be loyal to Crius are in Greece but a few are found in Libya and Rome. He doesn't seem to favour any particular type of mortal except perhaps ones prepared to wait their whole lives for a single mission.

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