Absolute Law

Unbending and Inflexible

Fanatic devotee of Cronus

Imprisoned in Tartarus

Themis was the Titan goddess of law and the judge of Cronus' court. She dealt out absolute judgement to those brought before the court, divine or mortal. As Cronus became more tyrannical she willingly helped him build stricter and stricter laws in the belief that justice is impartial and through law comes peace. Over time Themis' realm grew to incorporate the traditional rules of conduct and the customary laws that govern social interaction.

She fought bitterly against the Olympians' illegal coup against the Titanic Court. Even in defeat she refused to accept Zeus as King of Gods and rejected his authority. Of all the Titans, only Themis had to be dragged into Tartarus by the Olympians.


Themis abhors Zeus’ liberal and whimsical interpretation of law. She believes the law must be separate from personal power and she despises how the Olympians deal out punishments on a whim. Their abuse of the law is just another reason to bring the Olympians to justice and Themis burns with the absolute cold of the law. Her zeal outstrips even Cronus' but she also refuses to compromise on her principles. No laws or social customs are to be broken in the quest to arrest Zeus. To Cronus she is a stout ally but difficult to use, as spies, deceit and murder are the Titans' main weapons against Zeus. So whilst she may be part of Cronus’ faction, she operates independently and is never told what Cronus and the others are doing.

Power, Appearance and Agents

Themis’ symbols are a sword and a set of scales. To mortals she appears as an adult woman in her late 30s wearing a plain white robe and a blindfold. Her stern manner can be unfriendly but it softens for those she judges trustworthy and righteous.

Her agents are inflexible and unyielding in their tasks and rigid in their adherence to custom. They openly walk the mortal world, to act as paragons of justice and enforcers of an impartial and unyielding law. She believes the mortals will see reason and reject the Olympians. Unsurprisingly this often brings them into conflict with supporters of Hermes and Dionysus. Though her agents are not loveable people they are well received by mortals. Themis is right about mortals appreciating impartial justice. Many of her agents serve as travelling judges in otherwise lawless areas.

Themis’ cult is dedicated to the truth. Cult members refuse to lie or disguise their allegiance, but operate quietly in large poleis. Ceremonies within the cult call upon Themis as the saviour from Olympic whim and its followers are those who have suffered at the hands of the Olympians' arbitrary justice and lax laws.

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