Blinded Old Prophet

Former goddess of oracles

Sworn enemy of Apollo

Imprisoned in Tartarus

Phoebe was the Titan goddess of prophecy and acted as the patron of oracles in Titanic times. She was not the source of prophecies and her power manifested as an ability to see snapshots of the future. This left her disjointed from the present and it took formidable willpower for her to regain composure after a vision. Her glimpses of the future were cryptic and often confusing, but unlike full prophecy her visions did not always come true and even contradicted each other. This is in stark contrast with her husband Coeus who has no powers of prophecy but whose ordered mind can find truth in the most fragmentary of information. Though the husband and wife team were very effective together, the difference in personality proved too difficult to bridge and the relationship never deepened to true love.

As part of Cronus' court, Phoebe combined her gift with her husband’s intellect to help Cronus enforce his vision of order. Yet neither Phoebe nor Coeus foresaw Zeus' escape and rise to power. Her prophecies revealed nothing about Zeus, as if an unknown power shielded the Olympian from her sight. When the Titanomachy began Phoebe and her husband joined with Cronus to oppose the Olympians and stayed with him during the long war. On the eve of the final battle her husband abandoned the cause, but she remained true to Cronus until their defeat.


Zeus cast Phoebe into Tartarus, stripping her of her realms. This left her confused and disorientated. Without her oracles she has no contact with the present and her visions of the future are obscure and vague. Cronus saved her by teaching her how to reach out into the mortal world with her mind. There she found her realms and respect usurped by Apollo. Worse still, the arrogant young Olympian had killed her loyal dragon that guarded Delphi.

Phoebe's goal is the downfall of Apollo and the retaking of her realm, so that she might regain her lost power. She targets Apollo's oracles which makes her own oracles more popular and damages the ability of the Olympians to communicate with their champions. A deeper, secret goal is to escape the limitations of her fleeting glimpses of the future and take full control of prophecy. With total knowledge of the future she will never again be blindsided by events such as Zeus' victory or her husband's abandonment.

Power, Appearance and Agents

Phoebe's symbol is the laurel tree. To mortals she appears as a young adult woman wearing expensive jewellery and with an arrogant attitude. Her agents are those who have fallen foul of Olympic oracles. These mortals do not fault the Fates or themselves for their predicaments but blame the Olympians. They take up Phoebe's cause to seek revenge and to right whatever wrong they feel has been done to them. Agents of Phoebe gain a better understanding of omens and a limited sense of prophecy. This gives them abnormally fast reactions and an uncanny knowledge of people's plans.

Phoebe's cult is based around a small number of oracles who conduct elaborate rituals. Those seeking prophecies must sit through many hours of religious services which praise Phoebe and denounce the false prophet Apollo.

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