Hidden Champion of Humanity

Former Titan of death

God of humanity

Secretly walks the mortal world

In the golden age of Cronus' rule Iapetus brought death to the mortal world as a warrior god known as The Piercer. He ensured that every living thing died at the right time and destroyed those who tried to cheat death. His actions were without malice or spite - death was important and someone had to ensure it applied to everyone. Iapetus was a part of life and during this time he fathered several children including Prometheus, Epimetheus and Atlas.

As Cronus' rule descended into tyranny and the Titanomachy began, Iapetus found doubts growing in his heart. Despite them he stayed loyal to his brother Cronus and never abandoned allies, but between battles he saw the devastation inflicted upon the mortal world. People were dying before their time and it saddened him. When the hecatonchires joined with the Olympians and began their bombardment, Iapetus knew the war was lost and he chose not to fight a pointless battle. He fled, and no immortal has seen him since.


Iapetus escaped by hiding amongst humanity. In his millennia of contact with mortals as death came, he had seen both the living and the dying at their most human aspects. He used this experience to adopt a human form so convincing that not even a god could see though it. Iapetus has now lived amongst the people of Greece for many generations and hides his immortality by staying on the move. In doing so his realms of power have shifted and he has become the god of humanity.

Iapetus rejects ideas of divine superiority. The Titans and the Olympians destroy the world in the name of power but mortals rebuild it, trying to make a better life for their families. Iapetus uses influence and patronage to drive mortals forward so one day they will not need the gods. He plans to place humans in control of their own destiny and works not just against the other gods but against their fundamental concept. He wants to show humanity they can understand and control the world, removing their need for gods and saving humanity from the vain, destructive whims of divine creatures.

Secrecy and Subtly

Both the Olympians and the Titans are threatened by Iapetus so he stays in the shadows. His work is carried out through mortals oblivious to his true identity and many philosophers, engineers and great artists have unknowingly enjoyed his aid and protection. Now, with both the Titans and Olympians taking champions or agents, Iapetus has recruited a few mortals to oppose the schemes of all other agents, champions and gods. He changes his appearance to avoid detection and reveals a different face to each of his agents. These are ambitious and driven people, often atheists who desire to prove their physical might or their intellectual powers. With a deft hand Iapetus steers these agents so their actions interfere with the plots of others gods. Few of them realise their schemes have been upset by an agent of Iapetus and not the random action of a mortal.

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