The Heroic Strategist

Wisdom, Strategy, Heroes, Mathematics

Owl, Olive Tree, Helmet

"It is she who saves the people as they go out to war and come back"

Homer, epic poet and historian


It is prophesied that the daughter of Metis, goddess of deep thought and cunning, will be greater than her father and will depose him. When Metis became pregnant with Zeus' child the god panicked and swallowed the goddess, attempting to subvert the prophecy. Months later, Zeus was struck by terrible headaches and complained constantly about the pain. Ares tired of the noise and took his axe to Zeus' head. From the wound a fully-armed adult Athena leapt with a mighty battle cry.

Born after the Titanomachy, Athena proved herself a powerful god and a capable fighter during the Gigantomachy. The most powerful of the giants, Enceladus, shrugged off assaults from the other gods. Seeing this, Athena picked up the Aegean island of Milos and dropped it on Enceladus, trapping the giant beneath the rocks.

Goddess of Wisdom and Heroes

Coming from the mind of a god and the body of a goddess, Athena is the embodiment of thought and the patron goddess of art, inspiration, law and wise counsel. She is also the goddess of just warfare, strategy and heroic endeavour. A war-god like her brother Ares, she focuses on using thought in war, in contrast to her brother's delight in violence and bloodshed. She dislikes wrongful wars and needless fighting, preferring wisdom and intelligence to resolve conflicts. Her focus on cleverness and thoughtful action makes her the favourite of artisans, politicians and philosophers.

Athena is fond of heroes and their courage and will help them in their endeavours, though she is not above as using them for her own ends. She was a sponsor of Odysseus who earned her favour with his cunning and resolve. With the wise counsel she gave him throughout his voyage he escaped Poseidon's schemes and traps. When Odysseus arrived home Athena came to him in disguise and help him reclaim his throne. Through this benevolent meddling she ensured that the island of Ithaca retained its wisest and cleverest king.

Herakles enjoyed her assistance throughout his tasks, proving himself to the gods. When an oracle at Olympus had prophesied that the war with the giants could not be won by gods alone, Herakles was summoned to Olympus. Once more Athena provided wise counsel as Herakles battled the giant Alkyoneus. They defeated Alkyoneus together, thus ending the Gigantomachy.

Athena and Athens

Athena raised an adopted s

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