Though they are the physically smallest member of the goblinoid family of creatures, between 4' and 5' tall with long spindly limbs, they give their name to the genus thanks to their numbers. They breed rapidly, with females giving birth to three or four live children at a time, and both genders reach sexual maturity at around nine years old. However they invest little time in parenting and a large number of child goblins die in the first few years.

Those goblins which make it past fifteen years of age will often live into their thirties and forties. It is these older goblins who are the leaders and cultural guardians of their people. Females are more common than the males among the elders and strong tribal matriarchies can form where a mother and a few of her offspring manage to survive.

Goblin culture is not sophisticated but it does have depth. Tribes pass on myths and legends by word of mouth, and it is said that a goblin elder can rival any bard in storytelling. Goblins also create their own equipment which lacks craftsmanship but is highly functional and reliable.

Goblins have a reputation as evil, troublesome and barbaric creatures and this is not without good reason. Most goblins are mentally and socially immature, leaving them prone to foolhardy actions. More established tribes and settlements enjoy better relationships with nearby communities, though mostly the underground dwelling races.

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