A classic Gygaxian dungeon monster which defies any rational explanation.

The mimic is a most unusual creature, able to disguise itself as any form of inanimate object. From something as small as a footstool to a large table, it can switch between forms in the blink of an eye. Mimics are very hard to tell from the real thing and only careful examination will reveal a slightly unusual fleshy feel. With very slow metabolisms, they can sit in wait for prey for years. It is not unusual for a mimic to be covered in dust, barnacles or bird droppings acquired during its long wait.

Mimics are a vengeance weapon, the product of an Emperor's magician. Set free by the retreating army, they sow terror and confusion in the enemy. Whether those mimics that remain are leftovers from the long vanished empire or whether they breed is not known.

The mimic will wait for its prey to be alone or at least until it can strike without being observed. It then forms a long razor-sharp protrusion that thrusts through the victim. This is part of its shape-changing powers and happens in an instant. The whole attack will be over and the mimic back in its disguised form before anyone knows what has happened.

As a final terror, mimics explode when killed. This deters people from attacking the creatures once they have been discovered and gives the mimic a chance to defend itself.

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