Cromford Manor

Cromford Manor is a relatively small country house which dates back to the Norman Conquest in 1066 AD. Though much larger and grander than the average person's home, the manor is small and unassuming compared to many manor houses or stately homes.


The history of the manor is totally unimportant to the mystery but Game Leaders can drop in facts as red herrings or to add colour and verisimilitude. The house's history is an edited version of the article on Cothelstone Manor from Wikipedia.

The land for Cromford Manor was given to Sir Adam de Coveston by William the Conqueror, and there has been a house on the site ever since. During the Civil War John Stawell, the lord of the manor, fought on the side of the royalists. After the royalists' defeat John Stawell was imprisoned for high treason and Cromwell ordered the destruction of the manor house. Most of the building was destroyed and the rest abandoned.

After Charles II was crowned King of England and Ireland at Westminster Abbey in 1661, Sir John Stawell regained his land and his place in parliament. Rebuilding the manor house, Stawell and his family prospered but during the turbulent time known as the Bloody Assizes which followed the Monmouth Rebellion, two rebel prisoners were hanged inthe gateway of the manor.

Over the centuries the house has variously been expanded, burnt down and rebuilt. Much of the work, particularly since the 1700s, has been of low architectural quality. This has resulted in a mishmash of styles and, despite its long history, a drab and unassuming building.

During the Georgian period (the 1700s), the Stawell family lost its land due to bad debts and the house was sold. Since then it has been in the hands of various owners, only staying in the hands of a family for one or two generations. The most recent owner was Sir Percival Cummley who lived in the building for most of the last fifty years. Cummley died a year ago but for the two years previously had been living in London where his sister took care of him. The house staff were mostly let go and it has been largely unoccupied except for Henry the groundskeeper for the last three years. That is, until Jimmy Cheese purchased the property from Sir Percival's next of kin and moved in with his staff.

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