Mince Pies & Sherry

This is the last scene of the adventure and the staff will make their final attempts at murder. The adventure enters its endgame when the players figure out that all the staff are involved with the murders. As this realisation strikes, the Game Leader should quickly move the characters into this scene. Equally, should the players be struggling to understand the plot and the end of the gaming session is approaching, the Game Leader can force the situation by moving on to this scene.

Around 11am the gong will ring and the characters will be summoned to the drawing room for some sustenance. Jimmy will also request an update on the sleuths' progress as the would-be murderers gather to make their final attempts.

  • Mrs Baxter will serve everyone with mince pies, making sure that The Old One will get the poisoned one. Suspicious players may notice that it is odd for the Cook to be serving or they may notice that one mince pie is different from the others.
  • Sally the Maid is also likely to slip the snake into the room. The curtains just behind where The European is sitting will give it an excellent position to strike from.
  • Mary or Tim will take potshots from the doorways.
  • Johnny will simply take a candlestick off the mantlepiece and strike at Eastern Wisdom.
  • Newgate will attempt to shank The Aristocrat with a piece of exquisite silver cutlery.

Exactly what happens next is up to the players and the Game Leader. There is little chance that players will not believe that everyone is involved. Jimmy will confess all. Launching into a rant he will decry the sleuths as meddling fools who wreak havoc in people's lives. However, Jimmy will never reveal any details about the case which originally lured the detectives to house. As a true patriot, Jimmy would never do anything which might harm the royal family and he will keep that secret to the grave.


Once the plot is revealed the staff will variously surrender, make desperate attempts to kill any of the detectives or simply flee. A swift punch from a sleuth will knock out most members of the staff. Anyone fleeing can be rugby tackled or simply left for the local constabulary to pick up.

Once all the excitement is over, the sleuths will be able to make contact with the outside world and summon the police. In keeping with the spirit of the classic whodunit, such trivial details such as hard evidence are glossed over. The police will accept anything the characters tell them. Jimmy dies before reaching trial but the others, largely thanks to the testimony of the sleuths, will be convicted in sensational trials and then hanged.

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