Christmas Eve

On arrival, the guests will be taken into the Drawing Room where a roaring fire and hot drinks await. Newgate the Butler (or the most senior servant available) will ensure the guests are made comfortable and explain Mr Cheese is currently resting due to his ill-health. One or two of the staff will see to the guests' coats and serve the drinks whilst the rest fetch luggage from the car and place it the bedrooms.

The situation gives the characters their first chance to explore their surroundings and take stock of the servants. Game Leaders should read the Drawing Room description out to the players and mention each of the servants.

After enough time for a drink and once all the luggage has been recovered, the guests will be shown up to their rooms. As they head up the stairs, Game Leaders should read aloud the description of the Hall and provide players with the basic layout of the house. The Aristocrat, The Old One and the Private Eye have rooms on the first floor, and have to walk past the closed door of the master bedroom to reach their rooms. Eastern Wisdom, Kid Reporter and The European have rooms on the second floor.

Once in their rooms, the sleuths have an hour to rest and prepare themselves for dinner.

Evening Dinner

The dinner gives the characters their first encounter with Jimmy Cheese and they will want to observe and question him. See Jimmy's background for details of his appearance. Any questions about why the characters were invited will be deflected, with Jimmy insisting that they humour a dying old man and wait until tomorrow.

The dinner gong will ring promptly at eight, summoning the diners once more to the Drawing Room.

The gong rings for dinner. By quarter past the hour everyone is downstairs enjoying a preprandial drink when your mysterious host enters the room.

Looking old and frail, much worse than recent photos suggested, Jimmy 'Hard' Cheese walks slowly into the room with the aid of two walking sticks. His skin is pale and his cheeks gaunt.

His voice, however, is still strong with a heavy Cockney accent tempered by a faint American twang - evidence of the years he spent in the States after his release from prison.

Jimmy greets each of you, complimenting you on recent successes, before proposing a toast to "The King" and then to "The Truth."

After the toasts, Jimmy will lead the players into the dining room and Game Leaders can give the characters a brief description of the room. However they are all swiftly seated and have no chance to explore.

Throughout the meal servants will move in and out of the kitchen via the connecting door. There will always be one servant in the room with Jimmy and guests, normally Newgate the Butler or Johnny the Footman. The maids Sally and Mary will do most of the serving but, depending on which sleuths are being played, Timmy the Hall Boy and Baxter the Cook may be pressed into service.

The rest of the evening goes quickly. Dinner is good and Mr Cheese proves to be excellent company, regaling his guests with tales of his gangster glory days.

By the end of dinner Jimmy is clearly tired and weak. He apologises and retires to bed before coffee is served, leaving his guests to chat whilst the staff bring coffee and brandies.

The players now have a chance to explore the dining room and the house but if the players head towards the staff areas or the master's study or bedroom, a member of staff will politely intervene asking "may I help you sir/madam?" The staff can also be talked to but at this point they all play the role of faithful servants, only answering questions with short, non-committal statements. The characters may however be able to pick up clues from their appearance and accent.

All the servants (including Henry) will be busy around the house and occasionally seen by the characters once Jimmy goes to bed. At an appropriate time they will drop hints about the characters going to their rooms by mentioning how they have warmed the bed with a hot-water bottle or banked up the fire to keep the room warm.

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