Once the sleuths have had a chance to do an initial examination of the cottage, the gong will ring for breakfast. Detectives may be inclined to stay in the cottage or question the staff. The Game Leader should remind them (possibly via Newgate the Butler) that they they are in their nightclothes and the temperature is about -5ºC. Getting dressed and having breakfast may be wise way to start a day of busy sleuthing.

In the dining room, a fire roars in the grate creating a cosy atmosphere enriched with the smell of bacon, eggs, kippers and all the other staples of an English breakfast.

Jimmy Cheese sits at the head of the table with just a cup of tea and a slice of toast. He looks pensive and troubled as you eat but says nothing. As you finish your food he asks all the staff to come into the room.

He stands with a struggle and speaks to the room.

"Ladies & Gentlemen, everybody in this house is now in this room. As it appears that no one outside the manor could possibly have killed poor Henry, someone in this room is a killer.

The only thing I know for sure is that I didn't do it. As far as the rest of you, any one of my guests or staff could be responsible. All the roads are blocked and it is quite impossible to reach the police at this time.

To my distinguished guests, I can only apologise for this turn of events. It is not the Christmas surprise I had planned for you. I ask you to investigate this foul deed. My house and my staff are at your disposal but I ask you to not forget that any one of the guests could also be the killer.

My staff, I ask that you cooperate fully with the detectives. However, as best as you can, you should carry on with your normal duties."

With that he slumps back into his chair and looks worn out.

It may occur to a detective to question Jimmy about the original reason for their visit. Jimmy will explain that he sees no connection between the events of twenty years ago and Henry's murder. He only met Henry six months ago when he bought the house. If pressed on the matter he say he plans to reveal what he knows but not until Henry's murder has been solved.

Once breakfast is over, the staff will start their murder attempts on their nemeses. The Game Leader should start the ball rolling slowly and only make the first attempt once the characters have spoken to the staff and searched some of the house.

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