The adventure starts with the characters arriving at Lower Wrexham train station on the last train from London.

As you step off the train into the blizzard, you begin to wonder if accepting Jimmy 'Hard' Cheese's invitation to Cromford Manor was a big mistake. Spending Christmas with a dying man you've never met is a gamble, but the invitation was one a great detective could not refuse.

Jimmy 'Hard' Cheese, the greatest gangster of his day, invited you to spend his last Christmas with him so he could spill the beans on a world-shattering case. Why had Jimmy taken the rap for that murder twenty years ago? Who were those powerful politicians who were in the brothel at the time? Was there really a member of the Royal Family involved? Why did he only serve five years and where did all his money come from?

As he described it: 'A murderer has gone free because the police were prevented from investigating the case. Only a world-renowned, independent detective could ever hope to get close to the real killer.'

A shout of "Cromford Manor! Anyone for Cromford Manor?" rings out. Through the fast-falling snow a man stands by the open door of a large automobile.

The shout comes from Henry Smith, the groundsman for Cromford Manor who doubles up as the driver.

All the players arrive on the same train but don't meet until they are bundled into the back of a Silver Ghost Rolls Royce by Henry. All six can fit in the car with space to spare and there is plenty of room in the boot for luggage. Game Leaders should ask each player in turn to describe their character.

During the drive home, Henry will talk with the guests if they speak to him. This is a good opportunity for players to start sleuthing and taking actions to discover more about Henry, the manor house or Jimmy the Cheese. Henry is completely unaware of the plot and will happily chat with the visitors, dropping in bits about his own and the house's background. However, he is a good servant and will not reveal anything untoward about his employer or fellow servants.

It takes an hour to cover the four miles from the Lower Wrexham station to Cromford Manor. The roads are almost impassable and at times Henry has to get out to clear a snowdrift with a shovel before the car can continue on. In the darkness it is impossible to get a feel for the type of countryside around.

Finally arriving at the Manor, Henry cannot get the car all the way up the drive. He apologises and leads the detectives on foot towards the house. The other servants who have been awaiting the sleuths' arrival will hurry out and help everyone to the house before fetching the luggage. By the time everyone is in the house, the car is already being buried in snow. Clearly no one will be leaving Cromford Manor any time soon.

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