Quantum Flux

An abandoned ship in deep space, aliens and a crazy A.I.


The cheerleader, the criminal, the driver, the guard, the punk girl, the cage fighter and the child. Seven lucky survivors of the first day of the zombie outbreak. As nightfall approaches, can they find some way to survive until dawn?

Savage Island

Shipwrecked on a mysterious island, a party of adventurers must unravel the island's secrets to escape.


Mince Pies & Murder

A short adventure that draws on classic detective fiction.

Demon Strata

A baron's baby is kidnapped by goblins, and now the Baron himself is lost. Which brave adventurers will venture in to the Dungeon of Demon Strata to find him?

Road To Petra

In 21st century Egypt, the 2000 year old body of a Roman centurion has been found. However, the poor soldier appears to have only died in the last 48 hours.

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