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Quantum Flux is a straightforward adventure of exploration and combat with few occasions for social interaction other than between the players. A lot of the adventure revolves around discovery actions - searching an area, examining equipment or probing computers for data. The possible results and the difficulty of achieving them, i.e. automatic, easy, moderate and hard, are noted in each location but Game Leaders should always use their own judgement. Information and equipment can be given out to facilitate the group's progress or held back to increase tension and fear as needed. Smart questions and good role playing by the players should be rewarded more than lucky dice rolls.

Maps of the ship and decks are not provided. The vast majority of locations on board are not important to the adventure and will not be visited by the characters. The important locations detailed in the text are simply large rooms with a corridor leading off to the rest of the ship. The exact layout of each area is not important and Game Leaders should ad-lib when required to map out locations for combat. The exact size and configuration of each location has no impact on the adventure.


Danny Idryo, 2016/12/11 23:42

It would be a useful thing to start putting average play times up for these modules. For example, I ran this one last year at a con and the players just barely completed the entire game in a 6-hour time block (subtract an hour for game intro, system tutorial and a few breaks, and it clocks in at just about 5 hours.) I think this sort of information is useful when determining how many play sessions to allot for a game or for choosing something that can be run in a single session at a con, for example.

Danny Idryo, 2016/12/11 23:42

p.s., the preview button isn't working for me.

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