Quantum Flux can be split into three broad parts: arrival, exploration and escape. In the first part, the characters survive the destruction of the Oculas and travel in a shuttle craft to the TSN Leopold. The exploration takes place as the characters investigate the Leopold, trying to discover what happened to the craft. Finally the team have to escape, either fleeing the Leopold in its corvette or by making the Leopold safe and flying it home.


The first part of the adventure is about setting up the situation and introducing the players to the Quantum Flux universe and their own characters.

  • Escape the wreck of the Oculas, possibly rescuing the injured cook.
  • Detect and home in on the Leopold's signal. How long this takes will have an impact on their ability to save the cook.
  • Board the Leopold via Deck 6 - Shuttle Bay


Characters may explore the decks in any order and their choices have consequences.

  • Turning on the A.I. mainframe (deck 3) before re-activating the Quantum Flux drive (deck 5) will start the ship's fiery descent to the planet. This can be halted by starting the Quantum Flux drive.
  • Visiting deck 5 first will throw the characters into a major encounter with the aliens when they have limited equipment and no knowledge of the threat.
  • The injured cook needs urgent medical care in the medical centre (deck 2) or needs to be placed in cryostasis (deck 7).
  • The Kleinler A.I. will start attacking the characters when they reactivate the Quantum Flux drive (deck 5), power up the A.I.M. (deck 3) and open the plasma conduits on deck 9.
  • The Hive Lord will attack when the characters attempt to leave via the corvette (Deck 10) or begin to gas the aliens.

Everywhere on the ship there are hints as to what happened over the last 21 years, but some decks contain key information.

  • Deck 1 provides a chronology of the events and some hints to the Kleinler A.I. and Chief Engineer Heinlein's activities.
  • Deck 2 has information on Kleinler's death.
  • When Assyl is awakened on deck 3 she can provide more details about the chronology of events and of Heinlein's actions, and can warn the characters about the hostile Kleinler A.I..
  • Deck 3b hints about Kleinler's involvment.
  • Deck 4 gives the characters information about the links between the aliens and the Kleinler A.I.
  • Deck 11 has information on how to use gas to cleanse the ship of aliens.

There are key pieces of equipment the characters will want and need to survive.

  • Command Override Keycards can be found on decks 1, 3b, 4 and 5.
  • Weapons are available on decks 3b, 4, 5, 6 and 8.
  • The Hull Explosives and the chemicals for gas CN-21 are on Deck 8.


There are two routes to escape: via the corvette, which is the most direct route to safety, or by eradicating the aliens and making the Leopold safe. The corvette offers a way the characters can very quickly bring the adventure to a close. It is possible to go direct from landing in the shuttle to the corvette and escape in less than a couple of hours of game play. Game Leaders are free to encourage the players to explore more fully with the potential of salvage rights if they recover the Leopold by themselves.

To escape in the corvette characters will need:

  • Either two Command Override cards, the Hull Explosives or good hacking skills.
  • To defeat the Hive Lord.

Additionally the characters should, but do not have to:

  • Save the injured cook using the medical centre on Deck 2.
  • Recover Assyl from Deck 3.

Making the Leopold safe is a lot more demanding and requires:

  • The restoration of power via Deck 5.
  • Activation of the A.I.M. on Deck 3.
  • Enabling the in-system drives on Deck 9.
  • Visiting Deck 11 to discover the aliens' weakness.
  • Retrieval of the chemicals for CN-21 from Deck 8.
  • Destroying the Hive Lord and gassing the ship.
  • Deleting the Kleinler A.I.
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