Universe Of Flux

Quantum Flux takes place 250 years in the future in a universe where humanity has developed faster-than-light travel thanks to the Quantum Flux drive. Humanity has spread out among the stars, terraforming and colonising every planet even remotely habitable. Even after 100 years of rapid expansion the process shows no sign of slowing down, with new frontier worlds being settled all the time. Beyond Earth and its closest neighbours space is a wild frontier, a scramble for habitable planets, power and wealth.

For the Game Leader, this chaotic backdrop to man's push into space, the huge distances and the near infinite number of stars and planets involved give the Game Leaders and players a blank canvas. Almost any character backstory will fit in the Quantum Flux universe and groups are encouraged to elaborate and expand on the setting.

A major aspect of the adventure involves characters interacting with technology from faster-than-light drives to ship's scanners and air locks. As with the sociopolitical backdrop to the universe, the technology is largely left unexplained so players and Game Leaders can ad-lib. Where the characters need to overcome challenges within the adventure, no specific guidance has been given as to how this should be done. Players should be free to use whatever approach they choose, providing appropriate technobabble to justify their advantages.

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