The Mess Hall

The adventure starts shortly before the Oculas is due to drop out of Flux Space and arrive at its destination.

After leaving Tau Ceti three peaceful days pass by in Flux Space giving everyone a chance to rest. The team is gathered in the mess hall sharing breakfast when the captain announces over the intercom that they will soon be dropping out of Flux Space. With most of the crew busy with flight operations, the mess hall is quiet.

This is a good opportunity for the players to introduce and describe their characters. The Game Leader should encourage players to swap small talk in character and generally lull them into a false sense of security before interrupting them with a loud BANG!

A loud explosion can be both heard and felt through the deck plates of the ship. Klaxons sound, red lights flash brightly and the ship's comms crackle to life.

“All hands, this is the Captain! We have lost all main power and life support is failing. All hands are to report to the nearest emergency craft and evacuate. I repeat, all hands abandon ship. This is no-“

Another explosion cuts the captain off. In the blink of an eye the ship's artificial gravity field shifts 70 degrees, throwing everyone and everything against the far wall. Against the background noise of further explosions, someone starts screaming.

The players can take stock of the situation using discovery actions.

The ship is violently breaking up with nearly every shipboard system malfunctioning or failing. This section of the ship is still air-tight; the bulkhead doors must have sealed. The only exit from the mess hall is nearly thirty feet above the characters' heads and in the sudden gravity change, all other members of the team (i.e. unused pre-gen characters) have been killed.
The screaming is coming from the ship's cook, Haley Nielsen, who is impaled on the leg of a table.
All the ships comms and computer systems have failed. The characters have no way of finding out what is happening beyond this room.
Ceiling tiles and wall coverings have broken free and cabling hangs down like ropes. These can be used in an escape attempt as mundane equipment for 1d6+0.

The players' first challenge is getting out of the mess hall. This is a narrative action which needs to overcome a resistance of 3d6+0 to succeed. Each player may choose appropriate advantages to describe how they get out of the room using the cables. Characters may assist each other, but this will increase the resistance by 2d6+0 (see 6d6 Core for more information on assisted actions).

Rescuing the cook is harder. Without medical equipment there is little the characters can do to treat the wounds. Their only option is to pull out the table leg and attempt to move her. Removing the table leg is easy but will result in a lot of blood and screaming before Haley passes out. The resistance for lifting her inert form out of the mess hall is 3d6+0. All this takes time and Game Leaders can keep the pressure on by constantly reminding the players about the ship's imminent destruction. Encourage role play as the characters decide whether to risk rescuing the cook or to escape.

Beyond The Mess Hall

After clambering out of the mess hall, the characters find themselves in the ship's main corridor.

In this section of the ship, secured between bulk head doors, there is the mess hall, the laundry room and the shuttle dock.
The nearest emergency escape pods have been damaged or destroyed but the team's shuttle is still accessible. It is docked to an airlock just down the corridor.
Muffled shouts are coming from the laundry room.
Laundry Room

The laundry room is on the opposite side of the corridor to the mess hall and, with the shift in gravity, its door is now at the 'bottom' of the room. When the gravity changed, the multi-ton laundry machines broke free and fell down the room, completely blocking the exit. The ship's laundry hand was working in the room when the disaster happened but was at the far, 'top', part of the room. Rather than being crushed by the machines he landed on top of them and is now trapped with a broken arm, shouting for help.

The doorway, above the characters' heads, is blocked by fallen equipment. Inside the room is Abhu Sur, who is trapped and injured.
The equipment is too heavy to move by hand.
Even with the right cutting gear, freeing the trapped man would take hours.

There is no way for the characters to rescue poor Abhu before the ship breaks up. His purpose in the adventure is to provide role playing opportunities as the characters are forced to effectively kill him when they escape in the shuttle.

The Shuttle

The team's shuttle is fuelled. Reaching the craft is easy but it will quickly become obvious the airlock / docking clamps are malfunctioning. They cannot be repaired but by using skill, ingenuity or brute force the shuttle can be freed. However this will result in the depressurisation of the ship, condemning anyone left on board to death, i.e. Abhu in the laundry room.

Exactly how the characters free the shuttle is not important. They could cut the retaining bolts and use the force of the shuttle's engine to pull away; rewire the circuits to bypass the damaged electronics; hack the safety systems to trigger an emergency release or something else entirely. The characters' approach will depend very much on which abilities they have.

To free the shuttle the characters must take an Extended Action with a target score of 30 and a resistance score of 10. Each attempt takes a full round and characters can assist in the actions. Game Leaders should apply pressure to the players. Use the break-up of the ship and further explosions to make the players believe they have a time limit.


DT, 2011/09/02 15:17

I've changed “out of Flux Space” to “into normal space” to avoid saying “Flux Space” twice in two sentences. If 'normal space' isn't a valid phrase, it'll need changing again!

Chris Tregenza, 2011/09/03 09:24

Its OK

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