In Space

Having escaped the destruction of the Oculas the characters must now take stock of the situation and work out a plan. There is little the characters can usefully gain from examining the wreck.

The Oculas has been torn to shreds. The largest part of the craft remaining is the mess hall section. The surrounding space is littered with debris including what are obviously dead crew.
There are no life pods and no signs of life.
There is a lot of background radiation but no more than expected from this sort of wreck.
The section of ship containing its Flux Drive is completely destroyed, suggesting a cause to the disaster.
There is unlikely to be anything worth salvaging (e.g. extra oxygen or survival equipment) in the wreckage.

Setting their sights wider, the team can get a sense of where they are:

There are no navigation beacons within range, leaving no reference points to plot a course. As the shuttle lacks a Quantum Flux drive even a suitable course will take months to reach any colonised world. The shuttle only has 24 hours of life support capability.
The shuttle appears to be at the outer edge of a solar system with a type G5V star, slightly smaller and dimmer than the Earth's sun
A radio signal can be detected coming from inside the solar system.
The signal is very strange, a seemingly random pattern of data which switches across frequencies.
Six planets orbit the star, two inner planets and four outer gas giants.
The signal appears to be artificial and the randomness appears to cover a deeper pattern.
The local sun and planetary configuration suggest the shuttle is at the edge of the Oberon system, the Oculas's destination.

Unfortunately the storage lockers for the shuttle were only partially stocked when disaster struck the Oculas. Anyone looking through the available equipment will find the following items:

  • 1 x Hawk Laser Rifle
  • 1 x M.E.M. Kit
  • 1 x Orbital Armour
  • 1 x Portable "Deck"
  • 1 x Medical Kit
  • 1 x Sparrow Laser Pistol
  • Vacuum suits for each team member

Setting Sail

The characters have little choice but to set a course towards the source of the signal, hoping that the life support system lasts long enough and that there is something to find at the source of the signal. There is not much they can do to improve their situation. They just need to point the craft towards the source of the signal and wait. The journey will take about 24 hours and the shuttle has enough Life Support for about 24 hours so it will be close. However there are a few activities that can be attempted to improve their lot, each against a resistance of 2d6+0.


A successful action extends the air recycling system and cuts all unnecessary power consumption. This give the craft an extra three hours of operational use.


Checking the team for Flux Radiation and treating any injuries gained getting off the Oculas. A successful result reveals that no one was exposed to dangerous levels of radiation and that anyone with injuries can recover all their Life advantages from the discard pile.

If Haley Nielsen, the cook, was rescued she will need urgent medical attention. The shuttle is not equipped with the level of medical equipment needed to treat her wounds but she can be stabilised. This has a resistance of 4d6+0 and if successful the cook will be heavily sedated but safe for 24 hours. Failure means Haley will die on the floor of the shuttle.


Navigating the craft towards the source of the signal is straightforward. A successful piloting or navigation action will get the best out of the craft and allow it to reach the TSN Leopold in just 21 hours.

Signal Analysis

The shuttle's sensors are limited but with enough work and a successful action more can be discovered about the signal. It is coming from something in orbit from the outermost of the two inner planets. With this information the pilot can cut an additional three hours from the journey time.


DT, 2011/09/02 15:40

This whole section could do with rewording; at the moment it sounds either like instructions to the GL or like something that needs to be read out loud to the players.

Chris Tregenza, 2011/09/03 09:45


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