The Hive Lord

This encounter occurs any time after the players have encountered some aliens. It does not matter exactly when, but the purpose of the encounter is to introduce the Hive Lord and raise tension. Once introduced, the Game Leader can use the Hive Lord as a bogey man - never actually attacking, just keeping the players on their toes. Actual combat with the creature should not happen until late in the game.

Moving down a long corridor the sound of claws on metal alerts you to something moving quickly. Behind you there is an alien nearly ten feet tall, taking up the entire width of the corridor. Thick carapace plates cover every limb and four arms with long-clawed fingers gouge deep groves into the walls. The most terrifying aspect is its face. Staring down at you with almost human eyes is the head of a giant snake.

Between you and the alien is a set of bulkhead doors. Closing them will buy you some time at least.

Closing the doors is simply a matter of hitting the emergency close button which the characters can easily do before the Hive Lord reaches them. The alien will then bang against the door and start ripping up the corridor in an attempt to get to the characters. The players should be left with the impression that the Hive Lord might be able to reach them given enough time and they really should not hang around.

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