Space Exploration

The start of the adventure throws the characters into an emergency situation. With their ship breaking up they must quickly escape, but face a moral dilemma regarding fellow survivors. For the players this part of the adventure is about familiarisation with their characters' abilities and personalities. For Game Leaders it is about creating a fast-moving, exciting start to the game by placing the players under pressure.

From the moment the adventure starts players should believe they have limited time to escape the ship. Any time the players stop to debate what to do, the Game Leader should drop in timely hints, e.g. "the ship shakes from a explosion" or "a terrible sound of tearing metal reverberates down the corridor," to keep the players' minds focused. How long the ship will last is left entirely to the Game Leader but it should be only moments longer than the characters need to escape. The purpose of the Oculas's destruction is to set the characters adrift in space, not to kill them.

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