Several weeks ago the Wuland-Yelani Corporation hired a crack salvage team to recover their missing science ship, lost in space for 20 years. As the scenario starts the characters are en route when disaster strikes and they are forced to abandon ship.

Adrift in space on a salvage shuttle the team finds the Leopold, the long-lost science ship of the Wuland-Yelani Corporation. The ship seems to be deserted though fully operational, but as they try to find out what happened on board everything starts going wrong. The ship is riddled with alien creatures that have killed the crew and turned the Leopold into a nest, a problem compounded by the computer core having two A.I.s fighting with each other for control of the ship's systems. In a desperate race to survive and escape the situation, what starts off as the team's salvation could well turn into their grave.

Game Play

The bulk of Quantum Flux takes place on board the TSN Leopold, an abandoned ship infested with aliens and an artificial intelligence with a very real desire to kill. As the characters explore the ship they must discover what happened to the crew 20 years ago and how to avoid the same fate.

While Quantum Flux is a science fiction game, Game Leaders should aim to create the style and atmosphere of a horror film. The characters are alone, light years from safety with no way to call for help, and strange creatures are chasing them down the ship's silent corridors. Game Leaders can use the players' paranoia to build tension. Every closed door is a leap into the unknown, nowhere is safe, the aliens move around and even the places the characters have checked may become re-infested. Corridors with shed alien skins or excrement are reminders to the players that the aliens are everywhere. Like a good horror movie there should be periods where nothing happens punctuated by sudden shocks and surprises, all building towards a frantic, chaotic finale.

To keep the tension in the game, avoid being obsessive about game mechanics or scientific reality. Apply movie logic to situations and, above all, keep the game moving.

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