The characters start the adventure with no equipment (other than what they may carry while enjoying lunch on their ship) but there is plenty to be found along the way. Advantages for all these items can be found at the back of the book.


A Bi-state Fluxating Gatling gun. This experimental prototype was a side-project of one of the scientists on board.

Command Override

A keycard belonging to a senior officer that allows the holder to override any door, console or standard system.

Hawk Laser Rifle

The Hawk is the standard civilian energy rifle, self-charging for easy use in combat. Reliable and reusable, its only drawback is its lack of bite compared with military weapons.

Hull Explosives

Incredibly powerful explosive charges, used to blow large gaping holes in ships.

Hull Rivet Gun

A large, heavy device which needs both hands to use effectively. Able to handle 6 bolts at a time, the tool is usually used for hull repairs but can be used as a weapon.

Jamesy The Cat

A small, ginger/beige striped feline with a lot of fur, green eyes and a sorrowful look on its face.

Jamesy's Carry Case

A small rectangular box with a handle. The label on the box reads "Jamesy's home away from home".

Laser Scalpel

A medical tool. The point of the scalpel generates a three-inch long focused laser beam that can be used with incredible precision to perform surgery or to cause severe lacerations.

Medical Kit

A medical bag containing the rudimentary tools of the doctor's trade. It is used to aid professionals in the treatment of the ill and the analysis of the dead.

M.E.M. Kit

The Modular Electronics & Mechanics Kit is a standardised technician's box. It contains tools to perform common electronic and mechanical maintenance tasks.

Modified Plasma Cutter

A plasma cutter that has been enhanced based on the designs left behind by Chief Engineer Conrad Heinlein.

N52B Plasma Pulse Rifle

An old, military-grade rifle. An effective close-quaters weapon with good Autofire ability. A limited magazine capacity and poor accuracy at range led to its replacement.

Orbiter Armour

Personal body armour. The Orbiter is a vacuum suit with effective protection against enemy fire.

Plasma Cutter

Generally used for welding metal and cutting through coverings or doors. In a pinch it can be used offensively as it generates a massive amount of heat at its cutting point.

Portable Deck

A portable computer system that can be used to run computer programs, analyse systems and perform network operations.

Sparrow Laser Pistol

The Sparrow is a standard personal defence weapon used for the last forty years. Reliable and lightweight, it only needs a recharge once every dozen years.

Vacuum Suit

A simple suit designed to hold off the deadly environment of space. Against claws, bullets, fire, plasma, rivet bolts and similar threats it is little more effective than human flesh.

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