Deck 8 - Cargo Hold

The general cargo hold occupies most of this deck. Within it are the bulk of the supplies a deep space research vessel needs for a year-long trip. For safety and security reasons some types of cargo, such as medical supplies and volatile chemicals, are kept in separate sealed areas elsewhere on the ship. In the general hold are miscellaneous equipment, inert chemicals, spare parts and bulk food items. Additionally there are four areas where the crew store larger items of personal equipment.

The cargo hold is large and contains lots of stores. Finding anything quickly will require the characters to spread out and search through the maze of crates. If the team have the ship's power on, the computer network running and sufficient time, they can browse the manifest and greatly speed up finding equipment.

The general hold of this ship is fairly large, perhaps forty feet across, and is packed with a large variety of containers. Pathways lead through the maze of crates and signs point to four crew storage areas. There is evidence that the cargo has been ransacked. Some crates are open, their contents scattered on the ground.

As well as finding useful equipment the characters may notice indications that they are not alone in the hold. The Game Leader should give out the clues and equipment one by one depending on the search results and the situation. Use the clues to build tension and the equipment to keep the party searching.

1 x Portable Deck
Hull Explosives
The B.F.G.

Signs & Portents

A small puddle of viscous goo.
Scratch marks made by large claws.
Dry skin shed from a large alien.

The cargo hold has become home to a pack of Alien, Raptors. There is one adult plus two 1d6+4 Alien, Raptor Young mooks per character. At some point during the characters' search of the hold the aliens will attack, bursting out of crates or leaping from the top of stacks. The aliens will be fully ready for combat (en guarde); the characters' readiness will depend on the clues they have found and their sense of paranoia.


Players looking for the chemicals to create CN-21 will be able to find them easily. The chemicals are inert when properly stored and are kept in this low-security section of the hold.

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