Deck 7 - Cryostasis

Deck 7 is a small deck with most of its space incorporated into the Shuttle Bay above or the Cargo Hold below. All there is on this deck is a single room for cryostasis, which has heavy bulkhead doors. Cryostasis was a common technique on older ships making deep space journeys. The entire crew would sleep through the dull weeks of travel to conserve supplies. Cryostasis was also used for medical and scientific conservation.

The bulkhead doors ahead are closed but burnt into them with a plasma cutter, apparently in a hurry, is the single word "Danger."

This room was set up as a trap by Heinlein while dodging the aliens. He simply rewired the sensors in the cryostasis chamber so the biological decontamination system was linked to a movement sensor with a delay, and then left the door open. With the help of some fresh meat from the ship's mess he accounted for a lot of aliens. The trap is still active and about a minute after movement is detected the doors seal and the automated steam cleaning of the room begins.

The doors to the cryostasis chamber open, showing a thin mist on the ice-covered floor of the room. On the left and right are rows of cryopods stacked three high, enough for forty-eight people. From the far end there are the flickering lights of a console. The mist is thicker at that end of the room.

Something crunches underfoot.
Hidden by the mist there are parts of aliens littering the floor.
Only the hard, chitinous parts of the aliens survive.
47 of the chambers are in pristine condition; one has been used.
While the air temperature is several degrees below freezing, only a thin newly-formed layer of ice covers the equipment.

If the A.I.M. is online, the team can use the console to find out the used cryochamber was occupied by the unfortunate Ensign Diana Millard. The chamber was reactivated when the life support system came online about 24 hours ago, part of the cryopods' emergency protocols after such an unplanned, extended freezing. The ensign was was lucky and avoided the steam by awaking in the room and walking straight out before the trap activated. Her luck ran out soon afterwards on deck 1.


At an appropriate point of the Game Leader's choosing:

The heavy bulkhead doors slam shut and a harsh electronic voice booms out:

WARNING! Bio-contamination detected. Steam purge sequence initiated.

Characters can avoid being parboiled by cancelling the purge, rewiring the sensors or breaking down the door. These can be attempted by people inside and outside the room but communication between the two groups may be difficult.

The purge can be cancelled via the console at the end of the room or any other console connected to the ship's network. This would normally be trivial but the current state of the network and software makes this a real challenge. The resistance is 4d6+6. There are no consoles on this deck outside the room but characters outside could attempt to wire themselves directly into the network using a Portable Deck. This has a 3d6+0 resistance and must be done before attempting to cancel the purge.

Anyone examining the sensors and circuitry for the purge will notice the simple hack straight away. It is an easy task with a resistance of 2d6+0 to disable the movement sensor, which cancels the purge. Doing this from outside the room is much harder. There is a resistance of 3d6+3 to spotting the change and 5d6+0 to fixing it.

Breaking through the blast doors is not possible without Hull Explosives, the use of which will kill everyone inside the cryostasis room. However, characters can damage or short-circuit the door's wiring and make the door open. This has a resistance of 5d6+3 for anyone inside or outside the room.

While the charcters are trying to free themselves from the trap, the warning message repeats constantly giving no indication to how long before the purge starts. The Game Leader can use their judgement and start it as required. The steam from the purge initially attacks with 1d6+3. It then repeats as more steam is pumped into the room increasing the attack to 1d6+4, then 1d6+5 and finally 1d6+6 before stopping. Characters will have time for a single action between each round of steam cleaning.

Cleaning Up

It may occur to the characters to place Haley Nielsen in cryostasis. This is a good idea (once the problem of the purge has been solved). Preparing someone for freezing requires some simple medical procedures (resistance 5) and takes a scene.


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