Deck 6 - The Shuttle Bay

The shuttle bay is the only way for the characters to board the ship and the first deck they will explore. It is an opportunity to pick up some equipment and gather clues on what lies ahead.


All the automated landing equipment and docking clamps in the bay have been wrecked by the explosion and some of the debris stills floats around. Bringing the shuttle safely into land is difficult (resistance 4d6+0). Failure will result in significant damage to the shuttle which renders it unusable without several hours of repair.

The floating debris also poses a threat to anyone moving around in the shuttle bay. This is a problem as the bay doors cannot be closed remotely with the Leopold's computer systems offline. Both the shuttle's airlock and the Leopold's airlocks are damaged preventing an air-tight docking with the ship, and the characters must exit their airlock and walk to the Leopold's airlock. Anyone moving around the bay or spending time there before gravity is restored will be 'attacked' by a 2d6+3 piece of debris. (Game Leaders, this is an opportunity to remind the players about the characters' Free Resist advantages). A manual control panel can be found inside the bay's airlock. From here someone can shut the bay doors, pressurise it and activate the gravity.

Investigating the bay will turn up clues and useful equipment in the debris.

Lots of the debris appears to be from a shuttle craft.
The large pieces of debris come from the front of a shuttle, suggesting the explosion occurred in the engines.


1 x Hull Rivet Gun with 3 rivet bolts (ammo).
1 x Plasma Cutter.
1 x Surgical Laser.

Beyond The Airlock

Outside the airlock a corridor leads into the ship where the characters can gather more clues. A wall console is visible a short way down the corridor. In a disjointed electronic voice it repeats "Welcome" over and over.

This deck is pressurised with a breathable atmosphere. Judging by the lights, the ship is running on emergency power.
The atmosphere has the stale taste of air from a ship that has been dormant for some time.
The artificial gravity is on and it would be impossible for a spaceship to keep it active for 20 years just using emergency power.

Brown Dust

A strange layer of brown dust covers the floor of the corridor, mainly near the walls.
The brown dust is some form of organic matter.

Moving through the brown dust will stir it up into the air and everyone will be contaminated by at least some of it.

The Console

Welcome aboard the TSN Leopold, Mengala-Class Frigate. You are currently at the Shuttle Bay, situated on deck 6 of this eleven-deck vessel. This console is normally fully interactive for all personnel but at this time there is a malfunction on the network. Please contact Artificial Intelligence Mainframe staff on deck 3 concerning the re-establishment of this connection. We at Wuland-Yelani hope that this does cause any inconvenience.

Next to the console is an outline of the ship, listing its eleven decks and points of interest. Attempts to hack the console will reveal a few more clues.

Most computer systems are offline, consistent with the ship being on emergency power.
This console and most others have been locked out of the ship's primary network.
The consoles are locked out because someone has hacked the system.
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